Weight loss is achieved by reducing caloric intake and increasing caloric expenditure. Increasing activity level is a goal we encourage our patients to reach for. According to the National Weight Control Registry, a database of long term weight losers, 90% of these individuals exercised an average of one hour per day and 94% of the respondents increased their physical activity in order to maintain their weight loss.

Our exercise physiologists are available to provide a complete fitness assessment and plan. Depending on the non-surgical weight loss program you choose, exercise requirements will be managed individually. Our goal is to help patients discover the activity level they need that promote and maintain their weight loss.

Although starting an exercise program may be a struggle for some, as weight loss occurs, most of our patients find exercise to be less painful and more rewarding. Let us help you get started losing weight and experience the benefits of exercise. Call us now at (847) 356-4750.

We will provide you with a letter of medical necessity after you have been medically cleared to start one of our programs. We hope this may help strengthen your appeal for reimbursement.