Non-Surgical Weight Loss Options

Vista's Weight Management Options is the place for complete medical weight management in the Northern Illinois and the Lake County area. Staffed by credentialed health professionals whose passion is to help people manage their weight safely and effectively, Vista's Weight Management Options provides comprehensive, non-surgical, weight loss programs that address the medical, nutritional, behavioral and emotional changes necessary to attain significant and long lasting success.

Why choose Vista's Weight Management Options?

The staff at Vista's Weight Management Options understands the need for individualized weight management treatment. We have a team of healthcare professionals that collaborate to develop a personalized plan to ensure your weight loss success. Our staff has the knowledge and flexibility of transitioning you into a program that will give you the best results.

When you choose Vista's Weight Management Options, you have the choice of several weight management programs. From rapid weight loss to more moderate weight loss, we have the program that fits your weight loss goals. Whenever you are in your weight loss loss journey, we are able to provide you with a program that fits your lifestyle.